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Since 1985, Wolverine Engines has built an impeccable reputation for quality and reliability. We proudly serve customers around the world with competitive shipping rates. Read our story below.

Our Story

Since 1985, Wolverine Engines has built an impeccable reputation for quality and reliability. We recognized a gap in the market for crate engine customers and expanded our offerings beyond the local market. Now, we proudly serve customers nationwide and internationally from our location in the Florida panhandle, providing competitive shipping rates worldwide.

As an independent entity, we’re not limited to specific brands. Our commitment to customization means we’re delighted to configure engines to your exact specifications. While we showcase some of our most popular combinations on our website, rest assured that if you don’t see your desired engine listed, we can likely build it for you. Contact us for personalized recommendations tailored to your build.

We frequently opt for custom builds to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Utilizing advanced computer engine simulation software, we ensure accurate estimations of horsepower and torque, even for custom configurations. Each of our engines comes with a detailed build sheet, outlining precise clearances—a hallmark of quality engine builders.

At Wolverine Engines, we prioritize your convenience. We handle all aspects of crating and shipping, and best of all, no core is required! Contact us today to embark on your engine customization journey with ease.

Thousands of satisfied customers served. Our passion for building the best custom crate engines drives everything we do. We strive to build quality engines and provide excellent customer service.

We have nearly 40 Years in business. What started as a small family-owned business has grown into a leading destination for premium custom crate engines and parts.

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