We are happy to build you a custom crate engine! If you are interested in a custom engine quote, please fill out and submit the form below. Big Block Chevys, Chevy LS crate engines and Ford Windsor 302/351 are only a few types we offer. We also install Chevy LS Darton sleeves. Please see below for more information and videos.

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Utilizing advanced computer engine simulation software, we ensure accurate estimates of horsepower and torque for custom builds. Specializing in Ford FE Crate Engines, Chevy big block engines, and Mopar turnkey crate engines.

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Chevy Big Block Crate Engines

We offer a variety of features to ensure that your new big block chevy engine is unique and made exactly to your liking. At Wolverine Engines we work with only the highest quality materials with as many All-American parts as possible so that our custom big block crate engines are built to last with optimal performance. With constant updates throughout the process, you can even watch your ideal big block Chevy engine comes to life.

Some of the more common engines we do are Chevy Big Block 454, 496, 502, 540, 598, and 632. We also do Chevy Big Block 8.1L and 8.1L Strokers like the 540. We offer our Chevy Big Block’s in short blocks, long blocks, and turn key forms. We also offer engines like Chevy LS.

Chevy LS Crate Engines

We do all types of LS builds such as 5.3L in both aluminum blocks and iron blocks. We do 6.0L and 6.2L such as the LS2, LS3, LQ4 and the LQ9’s. We build LS stroker engines like the 383, 408, 427, 454 and even LS 502’s with a tall deck block! We use both GM factory blocks and aftermarket blocks such as the LS Dart SHP and the LS Next. We even offer Darton sleeve installations!


We offer the LS Darton MID wet sleeves and the Darton LS dry sleeves. We can install them in a reman gen 4 block or a new GM block as long as it is an aluminum LS block we can do the Darton LS Sleeves. We completely CNC this procedure to factory blueprint specifications. This includes: cleaning, boring, decking, finish torque plate honing, and cam bearings/ galley plugs installed.

We can take a factory aluminum 5.3L to over 7L or 434 cubic inches! We offer options like Clearing bigger strokes, Machining, on blueprinted centers, for 1/2” head stud kit from ARP, Boring to bigger oversize bore, Blueprinting dowel pin locations for proper head alignment, Adding ARP main studs and align honing.

FORD WINDSOR 302 / 351


We do a lot of the Ford Windsor engines like the Ford 302 and the Ford 351W. We build these in strokers like the 331, 347, and the Ford 363. We do the 351w based in the 408w, 418w, 427w and even do a 460 Ford Windsor. We build theses in short blocks, long blocks and Ford Windsor turn key engine packages.

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