Discover essential details to ensure a seamless experience with your Wolverine Engines purchase. Scroll down to learn more about shipping, warranty information, our policies and break-in procedures. 


We ship Internationally. Shipping costs vary based on weight and location. Please contact us for a quote. Your engine will arrive professionally crated and secure. We stand behind our shipping companies and our crating methods.


Copy of Remanufactured/New Engine Limited Warranty:

The engine builder warrants that their remanufactured/new engine shall be free of defects from materials and/or workmanship, when installed properly by a competent technician, used for normal use and serviced for the periods of time or distance from date of purchase, whichever occurs first, as listed below:

This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied, including but not limited to, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the engine builder. By purchasing this engine it is understood that the customer accepts and agrees to comply with the terms of this limited warranty.

TURN KEY / COMPLETE ENGINES: Wolverine engines are warranted for two years (24 months) / 24,000 miles from the original invoice date.

LONG BLOCK: Wolverine engines are warranted for one year (12 months) / 12,000 miles from the original invoice date.

MARINE WARRANTY TERMS: Engines used in marine applications that are not intended as such carry no warranty, and no provision for labor claims. Wolverine does not recommend using engines in the marine capacity unless they have been cataloged as such. Cataloged marine turn key engines carry a 1 year / 500 hour warranty. Marine long blocks and short blocks carry no warranty.

RACE ENGINE WARRANTY TERMS: Race engines or engines used in racing carry no warranty.

SHORT BLOCKS/ MACHINE WORK: Short blocks carry no warranty. Wolverine guarantees proper machine work but is in no way responsible for the engine or parts associated with the engine on engines that Wolverine performs work on but does not build to at least a long block.

NITROUS, SUPERCHARGED, AND TURBO CHARGED: Any forced induction such as Nitrous, Supercharged, and Turbo charged engines carry no warranty.

CUSTOMER PROVIDED PARTS: Wolverine does not provide any warranty on engines or other services using customer provided parts.

LABOR CLAIMS: Wolverine engines will pay no more than $600 for a turn key engine or $300 for a long block engine in labor claims. If the repairs are to exceed this amount the customer may choose to remove the engine and have it shipped back to Wolverine Engines for repair.

SHIPPING CHARGES: Wolverine Engines will pay for freight on warranty claims up to $600 for a turn key engine and $300 for a long block. NOTE: this can not be combined with labor claims, only one or the other will be paid.

PRODUCT REPLACED UNDER WARRANTY: Product replaced under warranty carries the remainder of the original product’s warranty term. Repairs or replacement does not extend or renew the length of warranty nor does it imply fault.

MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: Maintenance must be performed in accordance with our Break IN Procedures and after the break in period then with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Records of the maintenance performed, receipts and work orders must be kept. The parts, labor, date, mileage or hours, and service performed should be documented on the receipts. Failure to perform these basic operations will result in a voided warranty.


This Limited Warranty does not cover damage or loss due to the following services:
Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation or accidents. Including but not limited to improper tune, over revving and overheating; 2. Any form of towing or assistance services; 3. Defective or improper installation; 4. Improper break-in; 5. Environmental conditions, overheating or freeze cracks; 6. Any damage due to detonation, improper timing or improper fueling (The engine Tune); 7. Lack of lubricants or fluids; 8. Foreign material in the combustion chamber or oil pan; 9. Failures of components or parts not furnished with the engine; 10. Modifications and/or alterations to the engine. The engine must not be opened up without approval or warranty will be void; 11. Crankshaft thrust surface worn due to defective or improperly installed clutch, torque converter or motor mounts; 12. Rust, corrosion or damage caused by electrolysis;
This Limited Warranty does not cover or provide payment or reimbursement for the following services: 1. Any Fluids; 2. Towing charges or other substitute transportation; 3. Diagnostic time or service calls; 4. Gaskets or other parts or items associated with but not included with warranted engine; 5. Loss of time, income, sales or profits. Loss of use of vehicle; 6.Any type storage fees; 7. Legal expenses. 8. Injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property; consequential or incidental damages.
This Limited Warranty does not cover the following: 1. Transfer to another owner; 2. Minor oil leaks; 3. Any oil leaks from engines with rope seals.

Immediately after the discovery of a potential defect and prior to the expiration of the warranty period, the customer must comply with the following procedure:

Discontinue use of the engine or part.
Contact the installer of the engine to determine if they think the issue may be a warranted defect.
Unless a field repair is specifically authorized by us, the engine or part thought to be defective must be returned to us or our authorized inspection station for evaluation, with the return location to be determined at our sole discretion. All returned engines or parts must be accompanied by a copy of the customer’s original invoice or receipt showing the date the returned engine or part was purchased by the customer.
Returned engines must be returned with all parts intact that were originally furnished with the engine.
Subject to limitations listed herein, we, as its option, shall repair or replace a product within the warranty term after the determination by us that the product is defective. All products are returned to us for inspection. Products not returned to us will not be warranted. All repairs and/or replacements covered by this warranty must be authorized by us. Unauthorized repairs will not be paid.

HEAT TABS: All engines have temperature sensing devices installed. If engine temperature exceeds 250 degrees Fahrenheit (200 for marine engines) warranty is VOIDED. If heat tabs are removed warranty is also VOIDED.




No refund is to be given after 15 days of initial deposit.

Under special exceptions Wolverine Engines may decide to grant a refund after the 15 day period. No less than 25% of the initial deposit will be kept. This fee is for our time to include the following: designing the engine, consulting with the customer, selecting parts, ordering parts, following up with manufactures on parts, our restocking fee, and looking for other sources if parts are backordered. There will be an additional restocking fee if any are incurred from the manufacturers that we ordered from.

Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.


Our initial quote is only an estimate. We will do our best to hold to that price but can not guarantee it.

Due to unforeseen circumstances manufacturers may raise our price (even after we have placed our order). When this happens we have no choice but to raise the customer’s price.

If we raise our price more than 10% over the initial quote we will ask for the customer’s approval and the customer will have the option of a refund (see refund policy). Please note, our engines do NOT have a core charge associated with them. We do however sometimes buy cores. Please contact us for details.


We require 50% down to get started. This holds your spot in line as well as we order any backordered parts.

We order directly through manufacturers, so we will place orders for your parts as we meet our minimum order requirements from the manufacturer. This covers all the large items and will be done before the next deposit.

Before we get ready to start on your build we require another 25% down. This covers all the small items that we will need to complete your engine. This is normally about halfway to your promise date.

At completion / time of shipping we require the remaining 25% final payment.

Break-in Procedures

With the right steps during the break-in procedure you can save your engine, your bank account, and your precious time. Our mission at Wolverine Engines is to provide you with the information you need to do this step correctly. Your engine has been carefully remanufactured to precision standards, and will perform properly if certain steps are taken by the mechanic making the installation.

The following is a list of causes for a remanufactured engine to fail early in service, and suggested procedures to prevent failure. When a properly remanufactured engine fails to give satisfactory service, it is usually due to: burning piston heads caused by detonation, pre-ignition or “lugging”; piston scuffing or seizing usually caused by overheating or excess fuel; bearing and crankshaft wear caused by under lubrication, dirt or coolant seepage; excessive piston and cylinder wear caused by dirt, ineffective air filtering, coolant seepage or excessively rich, air-fuel ratio. All of which are not covered by warranty. The customer and Wolverine Engines have a mutual interest in this engine. We both want it to perform and give long and satisfactory life


When installing an oil filter, fill it with oil, lube the rubber gasket the surrounds the filter with oil, and then tighten by hand. Consider using a premium brand oil and filter—a cheap filter will not be cheap if it costs you an engine. Wolverine Engines recommends the use of Wix oil filters and Schaeffer’s oil. Use the proper weight motor oil (straight weight is preferred) with an engine break-in additive (ZDDP or ZINC camshaft additive), especially with flat tappet camshafts. We generally recommend Schaeffers SAE 30 Micron Molly but this can vary from build to build so check with us to verify.


To avoid dry start-up, it is best to prime the oil system with an engine-priming tool or a pre luber, even if the engine has already been ran and has been sitting for a long period of time.

Oil change

Even if you plan on running synthetic oil, you should break a new engine in with a conventional, mineral-type engine oil for the first 5,000 miles. On freshly built engines, you’ll need to change your oil and filter much more frequently. After using a break-in oil, you should change your oil and filter at 500 miles and again at 1,500 miles using the break-in oil. The next oil change will be at 5,000 miles. At this point your engine is fully broke in and you can use the oil of your choice. For marine\ industrial engines the first oil and filter change is at 20 hours. Then again at 40 hours. At this point your engine is fully broke in and you can use the oil of your choice.

Check list before start up

Be sure to prime the oil pump, oil lines and fill the oil filters with oil using an auxiliary pump, operating the internal oil pump with a hand drill, or an external pressure tank connected to the oil pressure gauge or sending unit fitting before starting the engine. It is desirable to fill the crankcase in this manner. If using an air pressure tank be sure it does not run out of oil and blow air through the lines.

Proper air-fuel ratio is vital in today’s engines. Be sure the carburetor or fuel injection system has been remanufactured to manufacturer’s specifications. Manifold and cylinder head surfaces should be checked and in good condition (resurface if necessary). Be sure the cylinder heads and manifolds are torqued and retorqued in proper sequence if required. Air seepage can cause lean air-fuel ratio which causes detonation. Check fuel pump for proper pressure.

Ignition or diesel fuel injection system should be properly serviced or calibrated, and engine timing corrected. Proper valve lash or clearance is very important.

Be sure to use spark plugs of the correct heat range and gap as specified by the engine manufacturer. Check electronic sensors and sending units for proper operation. Vacuum lines must be properly routed and connected to the appropriate fittings to ensure operation of emission control devices and related engine controls.

Check the exhaust thermostat control (commonly called the heat riser) to be certain it is free and operating properly. Check the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) for proper operation. Clean the intake manifold to remove deposits from the various passages.

Rebuild or replace the radiator and hose lines to ensure they are free from deposits so that the cooling system can function properly. Restrictions can cause overheating. Thermostats should be checked or replaced with one of the correct temperature. Use the proper pressure cap as specified by the engine manufacturer, and make sure it is properly seated.

Important – replace filter elements. Thoroughly check engine accessories which are to be reused. Clean them internally and externally before installing.

The coolant used should be compatible with aluminum engine components and blended to a mixture of no more than 60% antifreeze and 40% water. We recommend that a good sealer with rust inhibitors be added to the cooling system. This will tend to prevent rust and scale deposits and guard against coolant seepage.

Before releasing the engine for regular service, check the air-fuel ratio. Caution the driver against “lugging.”

If the engine is equipped with an oil cooler make certain this is cleaned or replaced. If your last engine had a failure that resulted in metal in the oil the oil cooler will be full of metal and will cause damage to your new engine if not properly cleaned or replaced.

Set the ignition timing according to the manufacturer. If this is a custom high performance build ask us what to set it to.

Camshaft break-in

If your engine is equipped with a roller camshaft you can skip this step. However if you have a flat tappet camshaft great care must be taken to avoid camshaft damage on startup.

Start engine and run at fast idle, approximately 1500 – 2000 RPM, and check the oil pressure. Roughly set the timing somewhere around 10 – 20 degrees is normally good. Run the engine for 20 minutes even though coolant may rise to operating temperature in a few minutes. Adjust tappets, if required and carburetor. If the coolant should “boil over,” stop engine and allow to cool. Then start again and proceed as above. Note: feel free to stop and start this procedure as need. It does not have to be a consecutive 20 minutes.

Driving procedures

1. Before starting the engine for the first time, be sure it has been properly prelubricated.

2. Never add cold water to the cooling system while the engine is running. The engine should be allowed to run at normal operating temperature.

3. When required retorque cylinder heads and manifolds to engine manufacturer’s specifications in proper sequence. Readjust tappets if necessary.

4. Start engine again and make a test run on the road at 30 MPH in “drive” range or select the proper gears for standard transmission. Periodically accelerate to 50 MPH and decelerate rapidly.

Repeat this procedure at least 10 times. For a large truck, industrial or marine engine vary rpm between 1500 rpm and about ¾ throttle. Do not operate at idle for extended periods.

Do not exceed ¾ throttle for the first 500 miles or 10 hours.

Avoid full throttle acceleration from below 1500 rpm.

Frequently check engine oil level. Add oil as needed. It is normal for oil consumption to be high during the break-in period.

NOTE: Applying loads to the engine for short periods of time causes increased ring pressure against the cylinder walls and helps to seat the rings. This is especially important because you are “breaking-in” the engine with heavy duty oils. The rapid deceleration increases vacuum and gives extra lubrication to the piston and ring assemblies.

Enjoy your engine!

We want to thank you for purchasing your engine at Wolverine Engines ! If you have any questions or need any help along the way please feel free to call. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you would like your engine dynoed or dyno tuned we offer special rates for our engine customers. Enjoy and again thank you for your purchase!

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