Core Buy Back Option

We will pay you for your old engine! We offer this for Ford FE engines and Ford 335 / Modified engines. Payment depends on location (our shipping cost) but it is normally between $250-$750.

What this does for you-

  • Don’t have to deal with storing or getting rid of old parts
  • No shipping materials to dispose of
  • Puts money in your pocket


  • Your old engine can be in any condition
  • It can be a different size as long as it is in the same engine family
  • Please remove anything you may need off of your old engine. We don’t require the following parts-
  • Carburetor, Intake, Distributor, Water pump. 
  • Any accessories
  • Any tin – please leave the oil pan on if possible to ensure on oil drips out. 
  • Any sensors
  • Flywheel – Make sure to remove your bellhousing adapter!
  • Drain all fluids from engine
  • Place engine back on engine brackets and bolt to existing shipping container just the way your new engine arrived
  • Email us when it is ready to pick up with pick up information
  • We will send you a check when we receive your old engine