• No refund is to be given after 15 days of initial deposit. 
  • Under special exceptions Wolverine Engines may decide to grant a refund after the 15 day period. No less than 25% of the initial deposit will be kept. This fee is for our time to include the following: designing the engine, consulting with the customer, selecting parts, ordering parts, following up with manufactures on parts, our restocking fee, and looking for other sources if parts are backordered. There will be an additional restocking fee if any are incurred from the manufacturers that we ordered from. 
  • Refunds may take up to 30 days to process. 


  • Our initial quote is only an estimate. We will do our best to hold to that price but can not guarantee it. 
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances manufacturers may raise our price (even after we have placed our order). When this happens we have no choice but to raise the customer’s price. 
  • If we raise our price more than 10% over the initial quote we will ask for the customer’s approval and the customer will have the option of a refund (see refund policy).


  • We require 50% down to get started. This holds your spot in line as well as we order any backordered parts.
  • We order directly through manufacturers, so we will place orders for your parts as we meet our minimum order requirements from the manufacturer. This covers all the large items and will be done before the next deposit.
  • Before we get ready to start on your build we require another 25% down. This covers all the small items that we will need to complete your engine. This is normally about halfway to your promise date.
  • At completion / time of shipping we require the remaining 25% final payment.