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Looking for a high quality Ford FE Turn Key Engine, Ford 482 Turn Key Engine, or 482 FE Ford? Look no further than ours! Our Ford 482 Turn Key Engines are designed with quality in mind, and include features that will provide you with an engine you can be proud of.

Our team specializes in the customization of high-quality Ford Fe crate engines with the ultimate features & the highest quality materials. Whether it is a turn key FE engine, long block FE or short block FE, our Ford Fe Crate engines include moly rings, double roller timing chains, hardened pushrods, roller camshafts & so much more. Experience the ultimate in customer service that includes visual updates with pictures taken of the entire building process to ensure you stay up-to-date during the creation of your ideal Ford Fe crate engine, guaranteed to be one a kind. Explore our custom Ford Fe Crate engines Below before getting started on your own custom build.

Please check out an article written in Engine Builder Magazine with one of our 482 FE’s that we built for a customer. https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2021/10/eotw-482-cid-stack-injected-ford-fe-engine/?fbclid=IwAR2vbdagGA31u2H9FzhOtinoArbzrbAHLjf-gJCNXhquM48b_s_Bmds1Tvs

The Ford 482 Turn Key includes:

  • Advertised power- 650hp / 675 tq
  • New Pond / BBM Side Oiler FE Block
  • 4 coats of high quality ceramic engine paint. We have our engines professionally sprayed with a 2 part paint just like you would use on a car but a special high temp version. This is not a cheap “rattle can” paint job that will wear off. This is a show quality paint job! (Premium and Ultimate only)
  • Scat / Eagle crankshaft and rods
  • Forged pistons
  • Performance bearings
  • Plasma Moly rings
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft
  • Tie bar hydraulic roller lifters
  • Hardened pushrods
  • Wolverine Engines Billet Roller Rocker Arms
  • Double roller timing chain
  • CNC ported  Aluminum Cylinder Head
  • Arp Head Bolts
  • Single Plane aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Ansen valve covers and air cleaner included (like pictured)
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump
  • New Oil Pan (some 4×4 trucks may require a different pan)
  • Performance balancer
  • Stainless steel bolt kit
  • New water pump
  • New spark plugs
  • Phillips racing custom Wolverine plug wires – labeled and heat shields included
  • Water neck and thermostat
  • Stainless braided fuel line
  • Stainless braided dipstick tube and dipstick
  • MSD RTR Distributor
  • MSD Coil
  • Holley / Quick Fuel 850 CFM carb with electric choke
  • Holley high volume fuel pump
  • PVC system and breathers installed
  • Dyno tested and tuned with a dyno sheet included
  • Includes our 2 year turn key engine warranty (3 year with Premium package and 5 year with Ultimate package)
  • Includes crating and packaging (shipping extra)
  • Computerized balance
  • Built in house
  • All clearances set and provided on build sheet (Premium and Ultimate only)
  • Compression Ratio- 10:1
  • Requires a minimum 2800 stall converter
  • Requires 91 octane gas
  • Has choppy, rough idle
  • No core charge (we do offer a core buy back program)
  • (shown with options)
  • ****Note this engine requires additional hood clearance****


Engine Build Levels Basic Premium Ultimate
Engine Build Sheet No Standard Advanced
Professional Ceramic Engine Paint No Yes Yes
Computerized Engine Balanced Stroker Kits Only Yes Yes
Block Oiling Mods No Yes Yes
ARP Rod Bolts No No Yes
ARP Main Studs No No Yes
Rod + Main Bearings OE Quality Performance High Performance
Forged Pistons No No Yes
Camshaft Hyd Roller Hyd Roller Custom Roller
Timing Chain OE Double Roller Billet
Lifters Hyd Roller Hyd Roller Tie Bar Hyd Roller
Iron Heads New Springs New Springs + Valves New Springs + Valves
New Head Bolts No Yes ARP
Oil Pan OE New OE Style Aftermarket Large Capacity
New Timing Cover No No Yes
New Timing Pointer No No Yes
New Balancer Bolt No Yes ARP
New Balancer Yes Yes ATI
New Water Pump Yes Yes Aluminum
New Fuel Pump Yes Performance Premium Performance
New Dipstick Yes Yes Stainless Braided
Happiness Guarantee No Yes (Premium Level) Yes (Ultimate Level)
Warranty 2 Year Basic 3 Year Premium 5 Year Ultimate